School Visits & Speaking

For school visits and speaking, I am prepared to lead groups in  the following:

Creating a group story with three-act structure modeled on various fairy tales. This involves:

—Creating a character as a group. What makes an interesting character?

—Creating a story line as a group.

—Adding story elements such as conflict.

A teacher in a homeschool co-op weekly for six years, I am comfortable in front of a classroom.

Here I am in an interview with agent Bob Shuman about my pre-published book, The Long Shadow:




A seven-minute talk at church on encouraging volunteering:

Phyllis Wheeler set a goal at age 13 to write a children’s book, a journey with lots of detours that has taken many years. She’s written for daily newspapers, worked on airplanes as a mechanical engineer, and raised four children, doing some homeschooling along the way. She has lived in a variety of places including the South and the Northeast, but for much of her adult life has called St. Louis home. You can sign up for her occasional newsletter at .

Note: You may use this photo or the high-resolution version linked to it. Simply right-click and save as. Photographer: Arpit Mehta.

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