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Homeschool book reviews by Phyllis Wheeler and Sarah Bobell

Watch Bringing Up Booklovers, book reviews for homeschoolers. It’s a Youtube channel dedicated to reviewing new literature for homeschool use.

Phyllis Wheeler, a homeschooling veteran and author, and Sarah Park Bobell, a homeschooling mom, review books and interview authors of recent middle grade books. This is the place to get notified of new postings. Simply sign up for the BUB alerts newsletter below, and we’ll keep you informed. Or, keep checking back to this page and see new postings.

The latest:

Coo by Kaela Noel, with author interview, February 2021

Everything Sad is Untrue by Daniel Nayeri, with author interview, January 2021

Intro to Bringing Up Booklovers, December 2020


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