Light of Mine by Allen Brokken tells an allegorical tale of three children, ages 6, 9, and 12, set in what seems like 19th century rural America. The idyllic farm life of Ethan, Aiden, and Lauren descends into turmoil when Dad declares that he will leave to fight approaching Darkness.

First they all labor to build a lighthouse to defend the farmstead–a beacon that lights when the kids sing a song of faith and dims when they tell a lie. Dad goes, and soon after Mother leaves to rescue Dad. The kids cope, not only with farm chores, but with Darkness that’s getting nearer. The kids must decide whom to trust, how to work together, and how to use the weapons of faith that Dad has left for them.

Homeschooling families and other young readers will delight in the way that the young children’s mistakes are seen, understood, and kindly remedied by other characters. They may also enjoy the how-to descriptions for building things and cooking using coals. The book contains fight scenes but is not extremely suspenseful. There is a sound faith lesson in this book.

The allegorical nature of this tale reminded me of Pilgrim’s Progress. It seems like a great tool for teaching the Christian faith. Five stars. *****

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