IN BRIEF: Phyllis Wheeler set a goal at age 13 to write a children’s book. But it didn’t happen quickly! Life threw in lots of delays.

She’s written for daily newspapers, worked on airplanes as a mechanical engineer, worked as a publisher and editor, and raised four children, doing some homeschooling along the way. Now, finally, she’s writing award-winning time-travel fantasy tales for kids and teens.

NOT SO BRIEFLY: Award-winning author and Jesus follower Phyllis Wheeler has done a little bit of many things. After studying English in college, she worked for five years as a newspaper reporter. Then she went back to school and became a mechanical engineer working in aerospace for seven years.

During her next career as a homeschool mom, she created and self-published a computer-programming curriculum (focusing on fun projects for kids) that won many first-place awards. She picked up her childhood goal of writing a children’s book and learned a lot of writing craft. With a friend she operated a small press for five years, winning several awards.

Her debut middle-grade novel published in 2021 and won a Moonbeam Award and an Purple Dragonfly Award. Since then she has been creating a chapter book series, time-travel fantasy adventure for kids 8-11. The first book in this series, The Dog Snatcher, won a Purple Dragonfly Award, and in addition was a finalist for the prestigious Selah Award for Christian Fiction.

Book 2 is out, also a finalist for the prestigious Selah Award. And, Book 3 is coming summer 2024!

Phyllis is available for school visits. She likes to teach about storytelling to a variety of ages.

She lives in St. Louis with her husband, keeping tabs occasionally on their four grown children.

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Speaking, Teaching

Phyllis gives talks on storytelling and the author life. Contact her to book an outing!


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