The Dog Snatcher: Guardians of Time Book 1

The Dog Snatcher: Guardians of Time Book 1

Looking for a kidnapped dog, lost in time…

Eleven-year-old Jake is amazed to find a strange silver key at the end of his suburban driveway.  Then a teenage boy kidnaps the family dog and vanishes. Jake and his twin Ava are determined to find their dog, and soon they use the key to seek help in--of all places--a clock shop.

This clock shop travels through time and space, piloted by a 700-year-old Swiss alchemist. But the dog snatcher isn’t easy to catch. He’s a centuries-old alchemist too.

An illustrated family-friendly story full of surprises, including a trip to France in 1680. For kids 8-11, containing 18 illustrations. Recognized as premier Christian fiction for kids--winner of a Purple Butterfly award, and named a 2023 finalist for the prestigious Selah Awards.  For ages 8-11, Lexile® reading level 550L. Now with a comprehensive 5-week homeschool study guide.

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About the Book

First of a series called The Guardians of Time, The Dog Snatcher has a prequel short story available for free. You can find it on the author’s website, .

About the Guardians of Time series: Jake, Ava, and Will from St. Louis in the present day rescue others lost in time. They aren’t doing it alone–they have the help of a 500-year-old alchemist from the Guardians of Time Guild.

Series: Guardians of Time chapter book series, Book 1
Genres: Chapter Book age 8-11, Time travel fantasy
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Motherboard Books
Publication Year: 2022
Format: paperback, ebook
Length: 150
Illustrator: Katie O'Malley
ISBN: 9798986699905
List Price: 10.99
eBook Price: 4.99
Audiobook Price: 5.99
It’s a great read for new chapter-book readers, as the chapters are short and illustrated with delightful pictures to enhance the reader’s imagination. I highly recommend this book and look forward to its sequels.
Great story! Time traveling in a clock shop was interesting, cool and funny!
– Caleb, age 11
A totally magical time-travel adventure, and a thrilling beginning to an exciting series!
I highly recommend this engaging chapter book. Your kids will enjoy it.
Time travel, alchemy, rich friendships, and a meaningful tale well told—what’s not to like?
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About the Author
Phyllis Wheeler

Phyllis Wheeler, a homeschooling veteran, loves time-travel stories with a bit of fantasy thrown in. She writes award-winning books for kids that feature strong families and a moral compass.

Phyllis is the author of  the Guardians of Time chapter book series for ages 8-11 and The Long Shadow, a time-travel drama for young adult. She and her husband live in St. Louis, where she tends her milkweed garden and hopes for butterflies.

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