Phyllis Wheeler

Phyllis Wheeler, a homeschooling veteran, loves time-travel stories with a bit of fantasy thrown in. She writes award-winning books for kids that feature strong families and a moral compass.

Phyllis is the author of  the Guardians of Time chapter book series for ages 8-11 and The Long Shadow, a time-travel drama for young adult. She and her husband live in St. Louis, where she tends her milkweed garden and hopes for butterflies.

The Dog Snatcher: Guardians of Time Book 1
Secret of the Lost Dragons, Guardians of Time Book 2
Search for the Hidden Throne: Guardians of Time Book 3
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Secret of the Lost Dragons Audiobook
Study Guide for Christian Homeschoolers Grades 2-5, The Dog Snatcher
The Long Shadow by Phyllis Wheeler
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