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Christian time-travel fantasy books for kids 8 and up
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Are you concerned that books for kids have gotten too political?

Would you like to find books that your kids can’t put down?

Do you wish your son or daughter would read more?

You need to check out my Guardians of Time series, award-winning time-travel fantasy suitable for kids as young as 8. Written from a Christian worldview, exploring history and geography, with black-and-white illustrations.

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In the meantime, on my blog I review middle-grade books, looking for those family-friendly gems that can be so hard to find.

Phyllis Wheeler


“Phyllis Wheeler combines fantasy and history in a way that makes it easy for young readers to grasp the story and have fun at the same time.”

Susan K. Marlow, homeschool author

The Grandfather Clock by Phyllis Wheeler book cover
Phyllis Wheeler, Author

Phyllis Wheeler set a goal at age 13 to write a children’s book. But it didn’t happen quickly! Life threw in lots of delays.

She’s written for daily newspapers, worked on airplanes as a mechanical engineer, worked as a publisher and editor, and raised four children, doing some homeschooling along the way.

Now, finally, she’s writing award-winning time-travel fantasy tales for kids and teens.

Find out more on the About page.


Short Story by Phyllis Wheeler

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