Phyllis Wheeler, Author

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Phyllis Wheeler, Author

The Long Shadow is an award-winning time-travel story for12-to-14-year-olds, focusing on racial reconciliation.

What if a fourteen-year-old boy from present-day white suburbia finds himself fifty years in the past, fighting to survive a freak storm in the woods and afraid to accept help from a black man?

“Part survival story, part exploration of racial justice in America, part journey of self-discovery, and wholly engaging and memorable.  A well done and powerful story.  It is certainly stuck in my head.”—Joe Corbett, school librarian, St. Louis

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Author Phyllis Wheeler tells stories…

that encourage us to step outside our comfort zones. She’s done it—she and her husband spent twenty years raising their family in a black neighborhood in segregated St. Louis. She’s been a journalist, an engineer, and a homeschooling mom. Now she’s thrilled to be following her dream authoring books for young people.

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In the meantime, on her blog she has been reviewing middle-grade books.

And on her vlog, video reviews specifically for homeschoolers heading for the library, with friend Sarah Park Bobell.

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