Secret of the Lost Dragons, Guardians of Time Book 2

Secret of the Lost Dragons, Guardians of Time Book 2

Traveling across space and time can take you to some dangerous places.

Eleven-year-olds Jake and Ava are seasoned time travelers stuck babysitting their four-year-old cousin, DeeDee. After a day at the pool, DeeDee stoops to touch a strange coin in their driveway—and vanishes!

Oh, no! What’s there to do but touch the coin too?

A finalist for the prestigious Selah Award for Christian Fiction!

The twins find DeeDee in a narrow desert canyon—facing a huge, fierce dragon. Clearly, it’s time to leave. Jake and Ava grab DeeDee’s hands and reach for the time-travel keys in their pockets. But their pockets are empty!

A family-friendly action-adventure for ages 8-11, Book 2 in the Guardians of Time series.

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About the Book
Series: Guardians of Time chapter book series, Book 2
Genre: Chapter Book age 8-11
Publisher: Motherboard Books
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Paperback, ebook
Length: 177 pages
Illustrator: Vitoria Gurgel
ASIN: B0CJD89615
ISBN: 9798986699929
List Price: 10.99, 24.99
eBook Price: 4.99
Simple prose helps early readers time-travel into longer books and sketches virtuous character growth across the chapters.
Dawn Ford, middle grade author, says: I adore this newest, action-packed adventure in the Guardians of Time series! When our heroes Jake and Ava, along with their little cousin DeeDee, get hurled back in time to a desert valley full of dragons, they have to rely on faith, and a heaping helping of bravery, to get them out of this puzzling mess. Phyllis Wheeler weaves in many elements of the Bible and history into this fun story. Your children will love how the characters overcome the obstacles they face and will learn along with the characters how to step beyond themselves to do the right and brave thing. Parents will love this tale as will their children and grandchildren as it has a little something for everyone. I recommend this book for young kids who love dragons, history, and adventure!
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About the Author
Phyllis Wheeler

Phyllis Wheeler, a homeschooling veteran, loves time-travel stories with a bit of fantasy thrown in. She writes award-winning books for kids that feature strong families and a moral compass.

Phyllis is the author of  the Guardians of Time chapter book series for ages 8-11 and The Long Shadow, a time-travel drama for young adult. She and her husband live in St. Louis, where she tends her milkweed garden and hopes for butterflies.

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