Nothing but Trouble by Susan May Warren
Published by Tyndale House, 2009, 340 pages
Genre: Christian women’s fiction/mystery

PJ Sugar returns to her small town in Minnesota after wandering the United States for 10 years. Is she still the impulsive, passionate teen who loved the wild child Boone and helped set the country club afire on prom night, or has she grown up now? That is the question she keeps asking herself. She cringes under the weight of her mother’s disapproval. But her mother is saying some very loving and positive things. Does she really disapprove?

Soon a mystery takes center stage. PJ feels that she had abandoned her best friend Trudi, pregnant and unwed. Now Trudi’s in hot water again–her husband is accused of murder, and PJ is sure he didn’t do it. Not abandoning your friend–what does that look like? In this case PJ turns sleuth and does some minor breaking and entering to try to piece together the whodunit. But is she just going to get into big trouble again?

And of course Boone is still in the picture. Does she still love him? How can she, now that she is a committed Christian and he isn’t? What about another fellow she’s finding mighty attractive, Jeremy, who’s investigating the same crime, shows up at her church, and talks the talk?

I found this book to be very hard to put down. Susan May Warren is a master of the craft. I’m looking forward to reading more of her books. This one is the first of a series based on PJ Sugar, and I’ll be happy to read more of them.

***** Five Stars!

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