Kylie’s Kiss by Delia Latham
Published 2011 by White Rose Publishing, 260 pages
Genre: Christian romance with supernatural elements

Kylie’s a mess–her beautiful mother and actress sister have pummeled her self-esteem into the ground, and an abusive ex-boyfriend hasn’t helped either.

On a dare, she goes to Solomon’s Gate, a small-town Christian dating service. She meets the mysterious doorkeeper, Solomon, and gets fixed up with Rick, the handsome guy whose pickup truck she just rear-ended.  They like each other. In fact, they start going to church together because of the Solomon’s Gate requirements. Neither Kylie nor Rick had been church-goers.

Soon Kylie discovers that Rick’s six-year-old daughter is a burn victim whose face is so disfigured that she has no friends. Rick’s got such a burden to help that he is setting up a therapy camp for disfigured children, and he’d like Kylie to help out. But there’s a big problem: Kylie has a phobia about facial disfigurement. It’s so bad that all she can do is run away and throw up when she sees someone with a facial scar or something similar.

Do Kylie and Rick learn to trust the Lord for help to get out of this difficulty? The story plays out in some surprising ways.

What do I think?

This short romance story is well written and hard to put down. It contains an angel, I’m happy to report. I like stories with angels in them.

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