time-travel young-adult novel

I’ve got two pieces of news.

My novel The Long Shadow now has a new cover. It’s a time-travel adventure, something that wasn’t obvious from the previous cover. Since so many young readers love fantasy, sci fi, and time travel, my publisher and I thought it was time to emphasize the speculative part of this story. This award-winning book is a year old now, and has sold pretty well, but I’m looking for more readers of course! Please tell your friends!

And I have more news too! I’ll be self publishing a chapter book (that’s for ages 8-11, with some illustrations), aiming for Nov. 1. It’s a time-travel adventure, a sequel to the freebie short story available on my website at https://www.PhyllisWheeler.com . Stay tuned for Guardians of Time Book 1: The Dog Snatcher .

And, read a lot this summer!