Things I am thankful for in 2020, and some free gifts!

What am I thankful for in 2020? This strange 2020 year was the one where I got to think about fantastic places, instead of traveling to real places. The fantastic ones are pretty nice!

This was the year where my blog and newsletter list is expanding, and I thank God for each of you my readers.

This was the year where my husband and son joined me in working at home. Lonely no more!

This was the year where I got a contract to publish a book from a publisher who isn’t me, so now I’m confident to call myself an author. (Book coming out in 2021.)

This was the year when my four kids and niece set up a regular Zoom phone call every week, and invited me.

In fact, this is the year when I learned what Zoom is, making friends and family near and far so much more accessible.

It’s been a hard year in so many ways for so many people. I hope you my readers are doing well, and I hope that God’s comforting presence is more real now to everyone as we live through this COVID time.

And now for the FREEBIEs I promised. There are other authors besides me who are giving away something for free, a sample of their wares. I’m sharing them with my friends. I hope you’ll check these out. Take a minute to find your new favorite author. will take you to a promo for free children’s books. Special deals end Nov. 30. will take you to a group of stories and books about time travel. Special deals end Dec. 16.

I’ll have more of these to share soon!

(Photo by Bastien Nvs on Unsplash)

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