God plans ahead

God chose the spot where he asked Abraham to build an altar and sacrifice his son Isaac. God told Abraham to take the boy to “a place I will show you.”  It was several days’ walk from where Abraham lived in the Negev desert.  When they got close, Abraham laid the firewood on the boy’s […]

Trusting God

Imagine that you are Rebekah, a young Aramean woman, not yet married. You live in Haran in a household that includes your elderly father but is run by your brother Laban. You have a comfortable niche, with friends and servants, a mother, maybe sisters. Life is looking good. You wonder who you are going to […]

Focusing on God

Why is paying attention to God so difficult? I have great intentions every day to pray a lot and let the Lord guide me through my decisions of the day: how I will spend my time, what I will focus on. But things degenerate pretty quickly. Soon I’m making choices without asking the Lord about […]

What do disciples, writers, and faith have in common?

How many times have we as writers been discouraged, passed over for a book contract, received a rejection letter or fought writer’s block? What did we do? Peter gives us a great example of what we should do. His faith inspires us to step out of our comfort zone and meet Jesus. But we can all relate to what happened next. Peter turned his attention to the storm.

A lesson from Abel

You remember the story of Cain and Abel, no doubt. At least, you remember how it ended, in the world’s first murder. But how did it begin? Where was the root of the festering anger that took hold of Cain?

Created to live forever

Do you know the Bible says our lives are similar to vapor? (James 4:14) But when we die, we are still somewhere, just as the water isn’t gone when it becomes steam. We are made to live forever.

Don’t give up on your dream …

My Tales of Faeraven series began as a story to entertain my little girl during a drive. For the main character of my story, I twisted the name of her doll, Cinda, and came up with “Syl Marinda,” a half-breed princess in a divided land. Long after my daughter had forgotten that first story, the world of Elderland took shape in my mind.

Just like my Daddy!

The courtroom was silent, waiting for the judge to make a decision—a decision to determine not only where little Joshua would live, but also what his name would be. The judge motioned Joshua to approach the bench. From his austere heights, the magistrate pointed to someone in the room. Each time, Joshua was asked, “Who is this?”

I bury myself in my busyness…

When I take time in the morning to spend time with God, to come to the waters and drink, I feel and know the Lord with me throughout the day. But there’s this stubborn person inside of me that doesn’t want to do that. Instead this person wants to sit and read the newspaper.

Entertain me

What’s wrong with me? I have books to write, dishes to wash, projects to complete, and people to pray for. Why would I rather be entertained?