I thought I would tell you about a healing miracle I participated in about three years ago. We were having a healing prayer conference at our church, with an old friend as speaker, Cynthia Harris. Cynthia is the wife of the former music director at our church (part of the Presbyterian Church in America). After raising her daughters, she had gotten interested in healing again–her mother had been healed of lupus when she was a teen. She went on a trip to villages in India with Global Awakening and saw amazing things happen to the desperately poor and disadvantaged people she and others prayed for in the name of Jesus. Legs straightening, malformed eyes seeing, and so on. What an amazing testimony. We wanted to hear it first hand.

During the time between sessions, she encouraged us to pray for each other. My friend W. had come with her son, who had torn a ligament in his knee, was wearing a brace, and limped very badly.

Here is her version of the story:

Two of my two sons were outside playing football. Next thing I knew, my oldest son somehow kicked M. in the knee. I could tell the whole situation was bad. I could see M. was in a lot of pain. My heart broke for both of my boys. The older boy should know better than to be rough with his younger brother. M.’s knee hurt so badly.

Things did not get better when we went to the orthopedic doctor . She looked at it and x-rayed. She told us that we were going to have to schedule surgery next time that we came in to see her. I asked if she was sure, she nodded her head; yes these kinds of injuries culminate in surgery. She gave him a brace with instructions to be careful, to not jump etc.

Phyllis Wheeler, a very dear friend, called me and told me about a lady coming to her church. That woman went on missions to poor countries and tremendous miracles were happening for those people; blind see, lame walk, etc., so when she told me that this woman was coming to her church to speak about this, I got so excited. Next I told M. He is very strong willed, and he needed to make his own decision to go. I told him about the other miracles, and said that maybe the woman would pray for him. M. decided to go. That was the first leap of faith for the situation.

Next we went, again on faith that the woman would pray for M. Turned out, he was the only child to come to the presentation. It was an amazing witness.

Phyllis asked Cynthia during break if she would pray for M., even though prayer time was scheduled for the next day (but we couldn’t come then). After her talk, she prayed over M. One of the things we learned in the talk was that when these people who prayed for healing had their hand on someone, they could sometimes feel crunching of muscles and tendons being knit back together. Also we learned through her talk was that once God started a healing in someone, then He would be sure to complete it.

So when M. said his knee was better, I was so happy! The woman told M. to take off his brace. I was very worried that this was going to be a disaster. At what point do you go along with God, and at what point are you testing Him? M. took off his brace (This was the 3rd leap of faith) and started walking around, saying that it was mostly better. At this point Cynthia was now busy praying for the rest of the congregation who eagerly lined up for prayers. Phyllis and I started praying over M. (Again, trusting in her words that M.’s healing had only begun and that we needed to pour more prayer over him, and also that we are all emissaries of God, even though miracles had not necessarily happened under our own hands. ) This was the 4th leap of faith.

I put my hand directly over his knee, and Phyllis over mine. We both prayed in the spirit. I could feel crunching under my hand! We praised God, then M. ran around the meeting room! All there were amazed and rejoiced in the saving miraculous power of God!

Short Story by Phyllis Wheeler

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