audiobook for The Dog Snatcher, a chapter book for kids 8-11

The audiobook for The Dog Snatcher is coming soon. I am so excited! The narrator, Keith Robinson, is wrapping it up now as school is starting. He’s a music teacher.

I met Keith at a writers’ conference, Realm Makers, and again at a homeschool convention in the Chicago area, ICHE. He is an author who has a lovely habit of playing Lord of the Rings music on his ocarina (a folksy sort of flute) when there’s nobody to talk to at his booth. I was entranced!

And so, this July at Realm Makers, my booth was next to his and we got to talking. He’s a professional audio narrator, I was delighted to find out. Could he make an audiobook for my chapter book The Dog Snatcher? It turns out he could!

It won’t be much longer before you’ll have the chance to check out his memorable take on Paracelsus, the 700-year-old alchemist. In my Guardians of Time series, Paracelsus is the one who guides the Guardians of Time–including Jake and Ava, age 11.

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