purple dragonfly award for the dog snatcher

My chapter book The Dog Snatcher has been named a winner of a Purple Dragonfly Award from Story Monsters Magazine. I am thrilled to receive this honor! It’s also been named a finalist for the prestigious Selah Award for Christian Fiction, middle grade.

The Dog Snatcher is first in the Guardians of Time series. It’s a tale about 11-year-old Jake and his twin sister Ava, whose dog is snatched by a mysterious teenager. The thief runs down the street with the dog and then … vanishes into thin air. With the help of a long-lived medieval alchemist, they chase him across time and space, spending time in Renaissance France.

You won’t have to wait long for the audiobook. It’s in the works!

There’s a sequel coming soon: Secret of the Lost Dragons. Meanwhile I’m working on Book 3 as well.

Here’s what a ten-year-old reader, E.S., had to say: “I really think it’s a great book. It’s interesting and definitely engaging.”

Try it, you’ll like it!

Guardians of Time Book1 with award seals
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