Christmas in July, 2024! A sweepstakes for you!

It’s July, 2024. You can win Phyllis Wheeler’s award-winning Christian adventure fiction series for kids 8 and up. This includes her new release, Book 3 in her Guardians of Time series, plus dragon and dog figurines, total value $56!

Phyllis writes for Christian families who want easy-to-read stories that teach strong family values. Her time-traveling 11-year-old characters face high-action situations where they need to make good choices. Is that just what you’ve been looking for?

“Wheeler has created a fast-paced series with a fun premise uniquely designed to expose young readers to history and culture. With the help of time-traveling keys and a fun cast of allies, the relatable protagonists adventure through time and space on daring rescue missions.

“They visit multiple locations in each book, giving ample opportunities for parents and educators to teach real-world history. Along the way, young readers learn valuable lessons that will show them the ‘Guiding Hand’ wants to be involved in their lives, too.” – Rachel Newhouse, author of the Red Rain series.

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