Secret of the Lost Dragons by Phyllis Wheeler

Book 2 in my chapter book series is revealed today! Secret of the Lost Dragons, Book 2 of the Guardians of Time: coming out Nov. 1.

Traveling across space and time can take you to some dangerous places.

Eleven-year-olds Jake and Ava are seasoned time travelers stuck babysitting their four-year-old cousin, DeeDee. After a day at the pool, DeeDee stoops to touch a strange coin in their driveway—and vanishes!

Oh, no! What’s there to do but touch the coin too?

The twins find DeeDee in a narrow desert canyon—facing a huge, fierce dragon. Clearly, it’s time to leave. Jake and Ava grab DeeDee’s hands and reach for the time-travel keys in their pockets. But their pockets are empty!

A family-friendly action-adventure for ages 8-11, Book 2 in the Guardians of Time series.

Book 1 was named winner of a Purple Dragonfly Award and also a finalist for the prestigious Selah Award for Christian Fiction. The e-book is available now for preorder.

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