Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate, a review
Published 2015 by MacMillan, 245 pages
Genre: Middle grade, realistic with a touch of fantasy

Crenshaw, a huge cat, used to be Jackson’s invisible friend — when Jackson was three years younger. So now that Jackson’s starting fifth grade, why is Crenshaw showing up again, unasked for?

Jackson’s family of four faces homelessness for the second time. Last time, Jackson really needed friends, and the companionable cat provided. This time, though, it looks like Crenshaw, pushy and outspoken as he is, might be causing trouble. Nobody else can see him. Or can they?

I thought this was a very good book, with a very believable main character struggling with big issues. The invisible cat adds a touch of whimsy to the tale, and I love whimsy. So, a good book! Read it!

Five stars *****

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