Deeper Water by Robert Whitlow
Published 2008 by Thomas Nelson, 400 pages
Genre: Christian women’s fiction/legal thriller

Robert Whitlow is a practicing attorney who likes to write novels. This book begins a series called Tides of Truth, set in Georgia and focusing on the character Tami Taylor, the product of a fiercely conservative homeschooling family that lives in the boonies.  Tami is a law student who takes a summer clerkship at a law firm in Savannah, aware that her ideas on keeping the sabbath and how a woman should dress may alienate fellow workers.

At the law firm, she assists on a case involving a marsh dweller, Moses Jones, who apparently guards a dark secret concerning the death of a 10-year-old girl 40 years before. Moses is simply accused of trespassing, not murder. But she determines to get to the bottom of the matter, though it may cost her her legal career. Meanwhile, two men at the firm are interested in her romantically. Will she choose one? If so, which one?

I enjoyed this book, especially the characters, drawn in great detail and ringing true. It’s a coming of age book I suppose, with Tami learning to make some Godly decisions for herself, rather than relying on conferring with her parents about everything. Moses takes a faith journey with a satisfying ending.

Five stars: *****

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