bluebibleWhy is paying attention to God so difficult? I have great intentions every day to pray a lot and let the Lord guide me through my decisions of the day: how I will spend my time, what I will focus on. But things degenerate pretty quickly. Soon I’m making choices without asking the Lord about them. Oh, usually my judgment isn’t way off base, I suppose, but … the Lord wants to be Lord of my life. Not a bystander.

I’m in a Bible study that’s beginning the book of Judges. At this time in the history of Israel, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” It’s eerily similar to the popular culture in America today. I’m OK, you’re OK, we’re all OK. Biblical standards are taking a back seat in the public square.

So how am I contributing to this? I can think of at least one way: my headstrong practice of barging ahead with my choices without asking God.

OK, God, I have to decide whether to continue in a particular volunteer job next year, and I need to decide by the end of February. My inclination is to say no, it’s not my cup of tea, I’ve done it for a while now and it’s time for somebody else to do it.

But that’s my opinion. What’s God’s opinion?

Short Story by Phyllis Wheeler

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