JJ Johnson writes The Great Ice Cream Truck Heist

The Great Ice Cream Truck Heist by JJ Johnson tells a funny and memorable tale. Full of bravado and self-doubt, Iggy, age 12, leads or tries to lead his neighborhood kids working together to solve a mystery. This is Book 4 in the Iggy and Oz series, and it’s a keeper. These high-action books are great for reluctant readers age 8-12, especially boys.

The series has focused on strange happenings related to items coming from the yard sale for Mr. Chesterton’s house. A chest, a soda machine, a hankie, and now … an ice cream truck? The kids discover that anyone who eats ice cream from it and then hears the truck’s jingly tune becomes entranced. Iggy’s cure: put ice down their backs. That breaks the trance.

So, what is the operator of the truck looking for? Who is he? And, how can an oddball group of neighborhood conspirators, including the local bullies, get him to stop?

The Great Ice Cream Truck Heist, and its series Iggy and Oz, is just my cup of tea, ordinary kids in our world coping with something that is seriously fantastic. Plus, it comes from a Christian world view.

I suspect your kids will love these books.

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