Want help making a blog? Over at MotherboardBooks.com, my computer-book publishing company for homeschoolers, I’ve been wanting to offer a product that shows newbies how to make a blog website. Here’s why: regular blog entries bring your website to the attention of the search engines. That’s a very good thing. The higher your Google ranking, the more readers you’ll have, because your site will be easier to find. I’ve converted nearly all my websites to blogs!

I have struggled to write something like this myself, but the topic has been too huge for me. So I’ve kept my eye out for products offered by others who have more experience than I do in this. I thought I found one two years ago, and asked the author for some modifications, but they never happened. She was too busy.

Finally the perfect thing crossed my inbox this week. It’s a set of videos from Steve Beck, homeschooling dad of three grown children. Steve is a businessman who went to seminary before turning to Internet marketing to support his family and his ministry. I have known Steve and Kerry Beck for six years now, during which they’ve succeeded at teaching Internet marketing to many people, and have managed a tidy income for themselves too.

These videos of his have an amazingly low price at the moment. I bought them and watched them. They are detailed and make good sense out of a complex topic. He’s got a free intro video for you to watch, and you can get pointers just from that alone.


If you’ve ever struggled to get something going online, this video may be your answer.

I hope this information is a blessing to you.

Phyllis Wheeler
Computer Lady from MotherboardBooks.com