My friend Cynthia Harris teaches piano. She also loves to pray for healing for people.  Recently, a piano student asked for prayer for severe pain in the girl’s neck and spine.

My piano student, Amber, is 13.  She had been having increasing health problems involving both of her knees, feet, and more recently, a severely stiffened neck and shoulders.  She was unable to turn her head without pain, even a little, and her neck had been x-rayed & found to be crooked & twisted.  Watching her play piano for the last few months has been painful, because she moved with stiffness and pain.

Amber has let me pray for her regularly, but a few weeks ago she came in and asked for prayer at the beginning of her lesson.  She was scheduled for a neurologist’s appointment the next day, and some very dark possibilities were being discussed.  Amber was frightened and in pain, and asked for prayer with desperation.

As we prayed, nothing apparent was happening.  She felt nothing, I felt nothing.  I began to pray for the blood of Jesus to heal her bloodline – to purge all generational illnesses, genetic tendencies, etc., etc.  Almost immediately, Amber and I both felt heat begin to grow in the back of her neck.  She experienced some relief in the pain, about 10%.  Encouraged, we pressed on in prayer.  By the end of about 15 minutes, she was jumping up and down with great excitement, showing me that the pain and stiffness were both completely gone.

Grateful and relieved, we went ahead with the remainder of the piano lesson.  Amber played piano with ease, with freedom of movement in her neck & shoulders that was very encouraging to see. Her mother called me the next day to report that the neurologist had again x-rayed Amber’s neck, and confirmed that Amber’s neck was indeed no longer crooked or twisted, but was now completely straight.

Yay, God!!!

Short Story by Phyllis Wheeler

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