Power Pup by Amanda Trumpower

Power Pup vs Tommy Trigger-Finger is the first book in Amanda Trumpower’s amusing series for middle-grade reluctant readers, Power Pup. While it is a super-hero tale, it’s not a graphic novel, but an illustrated story.

Investigative reporter Mittens Meow is a cat who is smart, bold, and well organized. This is unlike her reporting partner Alex Digger, a dog who keeps getting distracted by cupcakes. But when the pair of them are assigned to train a new reporter, it’s Alex who figures out golden retriever Calvin’s secret quickly.

Who is the caped, spandexed superhero who unleashes super strength to fight bad guys? That’s what Alex figures out. But Mittens misses cue after cue. It’s pretty funny.

Meanwhile, the trio is assigned a fluff story about cupcakes. It turns out to be an opportunity to reveal the efforts of a mob boss, Tommy Trigger-Finger, and his underlings.

Power Pup vs Tommy Trigger-Finger unfolds. It’s full of amusing personalities and situations, and also shows opportunities for courage and resourcefulness, not to mention faith.

This series is a keeper!

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