I suffer from a back that occasionally goes “out,” meaning I bend in some direction and things go sproing. One of my vertebrae gets pulled out of alignment, soft tissues are damaged, and the result is quite painful. With the help of a chiropractor it usually takes at least three or four weeks before I can feel normal again.  This happens every couple of years.

Last fall, it happened again. I was bending over and twisting, and sproing, there it went. It hurt to move, but move I had to do to live my life. I went to the chiropractor, and she put the vertebra back where it belonged, but the area was bruised. It was going to be the usual recovery period, I could tell.

Then I met with my regular prayer partner, Jennifer.  Jennifer and I often lay on hands and pray for healing. So it was natural that she put a hand on my back and pray for it to be healed.

She felt something in my back moving and rearranging itself–just a slight movement. It surprised her so much she pulled her hand away and stopped praying. Then we prayed for other things.

My back was suddenly much better, no doubt about it!  But it wasn’t totally healed. There was still some stiffness.

We met a week later and I asked her to do the same thing, without stopping if she felt the movement.  So this time, she prayed again, felt movement, and kept praying for several minutes, until nothing seemed to be happening.

It was all better! Praise the Lord!