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My new chapter book Secret of the Lost Dragons is out now,  gathering readers. Does that include you and yours? I hope so.

Listen to a 20-minute podcast interview with me, discussing my work with fellow Christian fantasy author Michelle Levigne. The podcast name? Ye Olde Dragons’ Library. I’m the feature this week!

Search for Ye Olde Dragons Library on your podcast app, or listen on your computer here:   Look for the latest podcast, episode 27 for Season 3, to hear about Secret of the Lost Dragons and more.

Michelle and I both write stories about guardians of time.  Hers is a steampunk series, young adult, while mine is for younger middle grade and set (mainly) in the real world, with some time traveling and a bit of fantasy technology thrown in. Both of us seem to think that time is a precious thing that needs to be guarded.

What’s your take on that? Does this idea give birth to a story for you?

time travel for kids

My offer: The ebook for Book 1 in my Guardians of Time series is just 99 cents right now!

That will lead you right to the new one, Book 2. At the end of Book 2 you’ll see the never-before-revealed title and first chapter of … Book 3! Making its debut. That’s the only way to find out about Book 3 right now.

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