Getting published take time when you’re not indie publishing. Which I am not. So, I have five book manuscripts in various states of finish. I’m hopeful for all of them, of course! And so glad to have an agent, Bob Shuman!

I went to two writers’ conferences so far this year, one in Chicagoland for SCBWI, the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators, and one in St. Louis this year, Realm Makers, where Christian writers of sci fi and fantasy like to hang out together.

Here’s a photo for you from Realm Makers. Terry Brooks, writer of many fantasy stories including tales of Shannara (now coming to the small screen), is the guy in the middle. At Realm Makers, he met my old friend McKinley, on the right. McKinley, who first read tales of Shannara in the sixties, has been saying Shannara in his head like this (as have I): sha NA ra. Well, it turns out Terry Brooks pronounces it SHAN a ra. SHOCK!!! NO!!! With a twinkle in his eye, McKinley told Terry Brooks that Terry Brooks has been mispronouncing it all these years. They both had a good laugh.

So, hang on, dear fans! And read my middle grade book reviews in the meantime!

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