starrtreecoverStarr Tree Farm by Ellen Parker
Published 2013 by Crimson Romance, 200 pages
Genre: sweet romantic suspense

Laura has been widowed just a year. She decides to move from St. Louis back to her home town in Wisconsin and finds herself farm-sitting for her uncle and aunt. She’s also setting up a business, a bookstore, in the little town.

Nightmares trouble Laura, stemming from finding her murdered husband’s body. So naturally she has something in common with Brad, a veteran who lost an arm in Afghanistan and experiences flashbacks whenever he sees a fire burning.

Soon it appears someone is trying to scare her out of town. Her license plate is stolen. She vows not to be intimidated. But that’s hardly the end of it. When does she start to fear for her life?

What do I think?

I enjoyed this well-written tale, great for an evening’s entertainment. The characters are well drawn and  the plot sufficiently convoluted. I’ll be looking forward to more from Ellen Parker!




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