Joseph tests his brothers

My name is Joseph. I’m a very important man in Egypt now. I am amazed that God has put me here, so far from home, and given me the job of running this country, Egypt. The dreams I interpreted for Pharaoh told of seven years of lots of rain and therefore lots of food, and […]

Jacob deceives his father Isaac

My name is Jacob. I have a twin brother, Esau, who is a few minutes older.  Before we were born, God told our mother Rebekah that the older would serve the younger. This means that the younger son, I, Jacob, would some day be the boss over the older son, Esau. I always remember this, […]

A lesson from Abel

You remember the story of Cain and Abel, no doubt. At least, you remember how it ended, in the world’s first murder. But how did it begin? Where was the root of the festering anger that took hold of Cain?