Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead, a review

Georges, that’s with a silent s, moves into a Brooklyn apartment building and meets Safer, another twelve-year-old who starts a spy club for the two of them.

They’re spying on a bird nest, on people in the building lobby (through the videocam), on people who wash their clothes in the washers in the basement, and on and on. Safer urges Georges to break into the neighbor’s apartment and snoop some more. What’s this little gold key for that they found in the neighbor’s pocket in the laundry? He wants Georges to go find out.

Meanwhile, Georges struggles at school, losing his one friend to the popular lunch table and failing to deal with the aggressive kid, Dallas. Really, Georges’ only friend now is Safer, back at the apartment building. But how far will he let Safer push him? What’s truth and what’s illusion? And what’s the best way to neutralize a bully?

This book is well written but not gripping. It’s an enjoyable read with some good lessons to teach. I’ll give it four stars. ****

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    1. I enjoyed this book. It made me think of Harriet the Spy. And I love the cover. My favorite Rebecca Stead books are Goodbye Stranger and When You Reach Me. Thank you for reviewing!

    2. I was smiling as I read this review. Kids’ curiosity and imagination, with a little reality thrown in. Sounds like something I would like. Thanks for reviewing.

    3. So many good books for young people these days, and ones that adults can enjoy as well. – Margy