Dead man raised

A man in Nigeria at a gathering fell to the floor, in cardiac arrest. Someone pulled out a video camera. Those around him performed CPR for some minutes, and then gave up. Then the preacher took over.

After 23 years in wheelchair, gospel singer walks

For 23 years, Delia Roman Knox was the gospel singer in a wheelchair. A drunk driver had put her there at the age of 25. She was paralyzed from the waist down. Many had prayed for her over the years, but two months ago the time was right. At a revival meeting, she walked! And has been walking since. Even the evening news took notice.

An “impossible” coincidence

But someone stole her wallet. In the wallet were her credit cards and her driver’s license, among other things. The credit card situation could be handled, but the driver’s license posed a problem. In order to get a new driver’s license she would have to come back to St. Louis on a weekday, meaning losing two or three days of the precious intensive summer school instruction. That would set her way behind. She prayed about it.