What do disciples, writers, and faith have in common?

How many times have we as writers been discouraged, passed over for a book contract, received a rejection letter or fought writer’s block? What did we do? Peter gives us a great example of what we should do. His faith inspires us to step out of our comfort zone and meet Jesus. But we can all relate to what happened next. Peter turned his attention to the storm.

Looking for a good Christian ebook?

If you are looking for a good ebook of the Christian variety, you’ll be happy to hear of a new website that organizes info on specifically Christian ebooks, including ones that are currently free. It’s the brainchild of Jim and Karen Baney. Here’s a little interview with them:

Created to live forever

Do you know the Bible says our lives are similar to vapor? (James 4:14) But when we die, we are still somewhere, just as the water isn’t gone when it becomes steam. We are made to live forever.