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Flight of the Bluebird by Kara LaReau, a review

Flight of the Bluebird is the third and final book of the Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters. It’s a middle-grade adventure featuring the twins from Dullsville who are learning to like a bit of excitement in their lives.

And excitement is what they find. Jaundice and Kale, searching as always for their missing parents, accept a plane ride and find they are heading for Egypt courtesy of a memorable female pilot and a memorable plane, both looking like they’re from about 1940!

On the way to Egypt, Jaundice and Kale:

* evade a bad guy trying to steal their backpack

* have conversations with an oddly dressed pair of twins in their dreams

* and don’t notice the plethora of puns, especially thick in Ricky’s Cafe in Casablanca.

Once in Egypt, the peril level steps up. There’s a serious bad guy there, and he’s making things very difficult for them–and their parents. Will they ever find their parents? Will they stay safe?

This book has a satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed the puns, the occasional silliness, and the cool surprises. But the beginning was rushed, I thought.

I’ll give it four stars: * * * *

Check out my review of the other two books in the series. This book was published by Amulet Books, New York, 2019. I received a free copy from the publisher.

Are YOU interested in a free copy from the publisher? Simply comment on this blog post, and I’ll enter your name in a random drawing ending Feb. 10.

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