Moonbeam Children's Book Award seal

I’ve got big Moonbeam news! But first, I apologize for being quiet. You may have been wondering what I am doing.

I’ve been working on writing more fiction for kids. I’ve now got a study guide for homeschoolers reading The Long Shadow! And, there are plenty of tales buzzing through my head. I’ve managed to work on some of them, I’m glad to say. Stay tuned for more from me!

So, here’s the news. My novel The Long Shadow just won a 2021 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award! I’m so excited!

The Moonbeam Awards were created in 2006 by the Jenkins Group as a way to recognize notable books from a variety of niches, including small presses like my publisher Elk Lake Publishing Inc.

My award is in “pre-teen mature issues.” Check it out:

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