Iggy and Oz: the Plastic Dinos of Doom by J.J. Johnson, a review

Middle-grade voice involves a (usually) sassy or joking twelve-year-old who’s finding himself or herself in a pickle and agonizing about it in a very funny way. It’s unique to middle grade books, as far as I can tell.

I’ve talked about it before, and even have a category on this blog, “middle-grade voice example.” In this book, J.J. Johnson gives just the right funny touch to the voice of twelve-year-old Iggy, and occasionally to his little brother Oz.

Oz is convinced there are monsters in the attic. Iggy goes to prove him wrong at 3 a.m. and discovers that yes, there are some toothy little predators in the attic, indeed.

Soon the toy dinosaurs are roaming the neighborhood, flopping over Toy-Story style when adults come near, and generally eating people’s hot dogs off their grills and munching on their flowers. How the two brothers and some friends and enemies figure out how to work together and solve the problem takes the rest of the book.

Parts of this book are quite funny. It’s a very good read for kids–and yes, for kids at heart like me. I’ll give it 4.5 stars. * * * * 1/2

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    1. Sounds like a fun premise! I find myself drifting to humorous books during these weird times. Thank you for reviewing and stay safe.

    2. *raising hand here Kid at heart!*

      Sounds like a fun, light-hearted read, something a lot of people could use right about now. I love the title and the cover. thanks for reviewing.

    3. This sounds adorable, Phyliss. What a fun concept. Thanks for reviewing a book that made me smile. I’m glad I saved your review for the last.