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Would you love to find a free unit study guide for a good book your child hasn’t read yet?

I read a lot of recent middle-grade literature (for kids 8-12). As a homeschool veteran and curriculum provider and also a children’s author, I feel a burden to help homeschoolers find newer stories they will love.

I’ve been reading from the library a lot. Library books, while mostly coming from big publishers, often contain something that gives me pause. Deadbeat dads. No books with boys for protagonists. Subtle or not-so-subtle plugs for controversial topics. (The homeschoolers I know don’t want to spend time with their children under 12 discussing these things, when learning to read is paramount. Save deep discussions for high school! )

I’m looking for books that teach strong moral values. I read a book just the other day where a group of boys breaks into their neighbor’s house to snoop and even take some money. It all works out in the end as they help the neighbor fight off some thugs. But I didn’t see much in the way of consequences for the break-in. What is a book like that teaching the young reader?

Over some time I have developed a list of books I think homeschoolers will like, especially with the help of Sarah Park Bobell, a homeschooling mom who joins me on our video podcast reviewing books–Bringing Up Booklovers. To find these books in my blog, look under the category heading “for homeschoolers.”

Best of all, some of these chosen authors have agreed to write unit study guides to go with their books. We’re offering you these unit studies for free. Take a look and sample the guides at . Enjoy!

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