Road Trip Rescue by Becca Wierwille

Road Trip Rescue by Becca Wierwille tells the story of a lonely young girl, heartbroken by the disappearance of her dog two years before, who suddenly finds hope.

It’s been a rough two years. Kimmy’s best friend abandoned her, and she’s turned into a loner at school. If only she had Bo!

Then she sees a picture of Bo in a magazine. He’s in New York State, only one state away, eating an ice cream cone in a resort town. Kimmy resolves to go get him. If only she can persuade an adult to drive her there!

What she gets is an offer from her oddball aunt to participate in a summer-long road trip adventure, stopping eventually in the town where Bo’s photo was taken. Aunt Skylar drives them to the beach and then to New York City. Kimmy is so impatient!

A surprising ending caps off Road Trip Rescue. It’s a story with heart, focusing on forgiveness, great for middle-grade girls. A Christian worldview is evident, so Christian homeschoolers will like this book. Study questions and favorite recipes can be found in the back.

And a second book in the series is on the way.

Highly recommended. Five stars.