This miracle happened to me about three years ago. Cynthia Harris, a former member of our church, came to talk to the church about healing prayer and her experience on a healing prayer expedition to remote India. She saw many healed of extraordinary issues: blindness, lameness, deafness, and so on.

For faint smells, my sense of smell had been gone for maybe 20 years. For knock-you-over smells, it had been gone for about three years.  My mother had had the same problem. I just figured it was genetic and lived with it. Never thought to ask anyone to pray about it.

But at the conference, I was setting up the coffee pot. For just an instant, I smelled the faint smell of coffee. Then it was gone. It was something that had not happened to me for 20 years. That was pretty strange. I mentioned it to Cynthia.

“I think the Lord is wanting to heal your sense of smell,” she said. “Let’s pray about it.”

The next morning after church, Gordon Carlson and Cynthia laid hands on me and prayed for a few minutes that the Lord would return my sense of smell. Suddenly I could smell the faint scent of  leather chairs in the pastor’s office. It was so sudden and so miraculous that I burst into tears.

It was no accident–it happened during prayer. And my sense of smell is still there. I can still smell things.

Our healing prayer team prays for people after church the first Sunday of the month. The team includes one or two elders and some others, like me, who just want to pray. We’ve had other successes too, mostly of the inner healing variety. It’s a wonderful time–I can feel the Holy Spirit in the room like an electric current.

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Short Story by Phyllis Wheeler

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