What are my idols?

A Bible study I am in has just finished the book of Judges. It’s a story of amazing degeneration, as the children of Israel live in the land of Canaan and soon forget or ignore the God who called them there. Of course the root cause of this forgetting is that the Israelites did not […]

Ehud changes his mind

You are Ehud, a timid man with handicaps. You live in Israel during the time of the Judges, when the children of Israel occupy the promised land in a tenuous kind of way, bedeviled by the Canaanites and their tempting fertility worship while forgetting who their help comes from. Because you are not a mighty […]

Focusing on God

Why is paying attention to God so difficult? I have great intentions every day to pray a lot and let the Lord guide me through my decisions of the day: how I will spend my time, what I will focus on. But things degenerate pretty quickly. Soon I’m making choices without asking the Lord about […]