The Dog Snatcher by Phyllis Wheeler, a chapter book

The Dog Snatcher is coming Nov. 1! My new book, a series opener for kids 8-11, is up for pre-order. Get your ebook copy reserved now.

Time travel, alchemy, rich friendships, and a meaningful tale well told––what’s not to like? Wheeler’s Guardians of Time series kicks off with, not just a roller coaster ride. “The Dog Snatcher” is the whole amusement park! I can’t wait to see where––and when––this fantastic new series ends up. -Wayne Thomas Batson, Bestselling Author of The Door Within Trilogy

Here’s the scoop:

Eleven-year-old Jake is amazed to find a strange silver key at the end of his suburban driveway.  Then a teenage boy kidnaps the family dog and vanishes. Jake and his twin Ava are determined to find their dog, and soon they use the key to seek help in–of all places–a clock shop.

This clock shop travels through time and space, piloted by a 500-year-old Swiss alchemist. But the dog snatcher isn’t easy to catch. He’s a centuries-old alchemist too.  

An illustrated family-friendly story full of surprises, including a trip to France in 1680.

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