My friend Jim Tudor watched the Hunger Games movie with no expectation. Here’s his take on the movie:

Find a kid who actually reads, and odds are the cited favorite book will be Suzanne Collins’ 26-million bestselling source novel. Like “Harry Potter” before it, “The Hunger Games” is of that rare mold that transcends its niche, and enraptures the older set as well. The sheer passion of the rabid fan base has pre-destined the film adaptation for all manner of success. Personally, having no experience or even general knowledge of “The Hunger Games” prior to the screening, I had no horse in this race. I had no opinion on the validity of the casting (although that is one impressive cast!), no emotional tether to Collins’ world, and no negative assertion that this could be the next “Twilight”, and therefore must be slain. I was, as always, simply hoping for a good movie. And I got one.  Read more…

Short Story by Phyllis Wheeler

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