Reaching out through fiction

Carl Ellis Jr. tells Christians to speak into the culture, affirming core Biblical values without necessarily naming them as Biblical, in order to nudge the culture back toward Biblical norms and begin the process of preparing the soil for planting, so to speak. Tim Keller says that Christians who want to follow Biblical examples of […]

What we learn from Joseph, Daniel, and Esther

My Bible study group just finished a study by Tim Keller examining what we can learn from Joseph, Daniel, and Esther about living in a pluralistic, or pagan, society. Let me point out that that is what we are living in now, so this was a very instructive study. Things have changed rapidly in the […]

Who is in charge of your day?

I don’t know about you, but I have trouble handing Jesus every minute of my day, for all of my days. I want to keep some control, have my own time, my down time, or whatever. This part of being in the kingdom doesn’t seem to come naturally.