Lucky Baby by Meredith Efken, a review

Meg Lindsay is a Christian woman who is still affected by her controlling, mean mother. Finally she gets around her wounded heart enough to want to be a mother herself–specifically, to adopt a child from China. It takes some fast talking before her geeky atheist husband, Lewis, gets on board with the idea.

Softly and Tenderly by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck, a review

Jade lives in Tennesse in a small town dominated by her in-laws, under pressure to get pregnant from her lawyer husband. But she keeps having miscarriages. Then she finds out her in-laws’ marriage is a wreck under the surface. Her husband tries to beat his addiction to perscription pain killers. Her mother, who has come to stay with her, is dying of leukemia. It sounds like she’s living a Southern soap opera.

Nothing but Trouble by Susan May Warren, a review

PJ Sugar returns to her small town in Minnesota after wandering the United States for 10 years. Is she still the impulsive, passionate teen who loved the wild child Boone and helped set the country club afire on prom night, or has she grown up now?