Two blind men healed in Mozambique

It was the summer of 2006. A blind man, a Muslim, asked an American woman in Mozambique for money. She prayed for him, but he wasn’t healed. So she gave him some money and suggested he come to the church service on Sunday. He came and brought a friend, also blind, also Muslim.

Dead man raised

A man in Nigeria at a gathering fell to the floor, in cardiac arrest. Someone pulled out a video camera. Those around him performed CPR for some minutes, and then gave up. Then the preacher took over.

Piano student gets pain relief

My friend Cynthia Harris teaches piano. She also loves to pray for healing for people. Recently, a piano student asked for prayer for severe pain in the girl’s neck and spine.

Man crushed under tractor-trailer is healthy and well

This amazing video tells the true story of Bruce Van Natta, who was crushed beneath a tractor-trailer when it fell off its jack. Five arteries were severed; his spleen and other organs were crushed. Death seemed certain.

After 23 years in wheelchair, gospel singer walks

For 23 years, Delia Roman Knox was the gospel singer in a wheelchair. A drunk driver had put her there at the age of 25. She was paralyzed from the waist down. Many had prayed for her over the years, but two months ago the time was right. At a revival meeting, she walked! And has been walking since. Even the evening news took notice.

A case of depression

My friend N. returned to the St. Louis area to live with her mother, following divorce. She was despondent. In fact, she spent a year “in bed”–not going out, not communicating with anyone, oppressed by darkness.

A healing miracle

Things did not get better when we went to the orthopedic doctor . She looked at it and x-rayed. She told us that we were going to have to schedule surgery next time that we came in to see her. I asked if she was sure, she nodded her head; yes these kinds of injuries culminate in surgery. She gave him a brace with instructions to be careful, to not jump etc.

Phyllis Wheeler, a very dear friend, called me and told me about a lady coming to her church. That woman went on missions to poor countries and tremendous miracles were happening for those people; blind see, lame walk, etc.