Winter by Keven Newsome, a review

It’s a supernatural tale–will God transform a troubled young woman into an Elijah-style prophet?
Two alternating stories about Winter Maessen unfold in this book, separated by three years.

Rooms by James L. Rubart, a review

Micah Taylor’s a successful young software multimillionaire, driven by tragedy and abuse in his childhood. He’s got a great girlfriend, an 80-hour-a-week job, and opportunity to travel. But something is missing.

Angels among us: what are they like?

I’m reading a book by Billy Graham summarizing what the Bible says about angels. Here’s a quote: “While angels have tremendous authority, it is limited to doing only the will of God. They never deviate from God’s message, never dilute His message, never change God’s plan. Throughout the ages they have glorified only Him, never themselves.”